Automatic processing of PDF files

AutoEditorPDF is designed for automatic processing of PDF files.

Main functions:

- numbering PDF pages;
- merging PDF files;
- splitting the PDF file into separate pages;
- page rotation;
- deleting pages;
- determination of page sizes;
- export to various formats;
- rasterization of pages;
- create PDF from picture / image files;
- work with layers;
- scaling;
- definition of color PDF pages;
- separation of color and black and white pages;
- overlapping pages on top of each other;
- mirroring of PDF pages;
- reverse PDF pages;
- remove comments on PDF pages;
- remove links on PDF pages;
- replacement of pictures on pages;
- and many other features.

• Current version:   Version 1.5       •  Release date:    16.10.2021       • Trial period - 7 days.

(Russian, English, Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Hindi, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese)

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